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  • Lucky Star Wine Cellars is based on human-centered thinking and devotion concept, allows members to feel active and positive to say hello and gracious hospitality, in order to enhance the preservation of the wine enthusiast has a well-equipped, and drinking culture which was established to promote the exchange of information platform.
    We are located in Xinyi district, Taipei, in premium locations, is a space up to 460 square feet of storage space, which can accommodate 20 to 1500 cases of exclusive wine cellar. Used in fashion design wine storage space high class wine cellar equipment, maintain optimum temperature and humidity within the wine cellar and offers 24-hour security systems and 24-hour uninterrupted power systems. Access control by specialist , using technology-Hotel door sensor card device provides both security and privacy features.

Don’t Drink and Drive.
Sale of alcohol to anyone under 18 is prohibited.