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  • Taiwan's climate is located in subtropical regions, humid, hot, unlike Europe and the United States are in a cool temperate environment and easily stored wine.
    Therefore, having a good environment is a very important thing. Good storage environment requires the following storage conditions:


    Temperature is one of the most important conditions, temperature changes too much will harm to the wine itself seriously.
    Thermostat system prevents necrosis of wine yeast strains and temperatures within the same acids lose their texture, can also prevent overheating causing the Cork breaks soak in wine and wine quality.
    Lucky cellar all walls, floors, ceilings are trimmed with 80 mm thick high density polyurethane insulation, cut off from an external heat source. And water-cooled refrigeration equipment keeps the temperature at 13 degrees from top to bottom, to ensure stable storage environment for distinguished wines.

    Humidity is typically about 70% ~ 75%, if the humidity is too low dry Cork will affect the seal effect, if there is a gap of air access will also affect the quality of the wine and would accelerate the oxidation of wine.

    Humidity too high will cause the Cork mold a knock-on effect, however the quality of the wine. JI XING wine cellar humidity control equipment is used, keep humidity at 70% (plus or minus 5%).

    UV oxidation is also speeding up the culprit, wants long-term preservation of wine should avoid sun exposure areas. Jisung wines stack cut off from sunlight at the same time, also within the entire wine cellar uses induction light bulb, avoid the affect the quality of wines exposed to ultraviolet light.

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